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Dollar Starts with Weekend Buyer

The European Central Bank (ECB) kept the interest rates constant and started the new week with a range of 4.04 – 4.05 euros and the euro at 4.90 – 4.91 lira after the decision to change the asset purchase program.

The dollar index, with the ECB decision, rose to 91.548 points in the global market with a daily increase of 0.01%. The euro / dollar parity increased by 0.04 percent to over 1.21.
Stock Exchange Istanbul Index (BIST100) before opening 107 thousand 614 pounds.
IS Investment’s assessment in the market bulletin “Staying behind the world …”
“World stock markets are trying to recover. Corporate profits on expectations and developed country shares recovered with the support of 10-year US interest rates below 3.0 percent closed April’s profit.

“MSCI Turkey in March from around the world sharply (7 yp) negative decomposed. While the fourth of the negative reviews stemmed directly from the depreciation of the Turkish lira, the remaining loss was due to the increase in long-term interest rates and the escalating political tension due to early elections.
“Turkey does not deserve this negative divergence of stocks. Non-financial companies, which were announced at the end of March and had a consensus forecast, outperformed expectations with 28 percent EBITDA and 22 percent net profit growth. We expect to see the Istanbul Stock Exchange close to the world in April.
“After the Central Bank’s 75bp interest rate increase, the decrease in sales pressure in the Turkish lira and long-term interest rates and strong first quarter profits support the rise of Borsa Istanbul. However, due to uncertainties in the political front, we will see fluctuations in the upward direction “

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